Short term window displays for long term impact

Short term window displays for long term impact

There was once a time you would be limited to hand drawn signs for you Windows to detail your latest promotion at retail stores, salons, service suppliers such as dry cleaners or restaurants. This was followed by mass produced printed stickers which, once stuck to a surface would struggle to come off again. Promoting your brand, opening hours, latest range or price point offer no longer needs to be a challenge with HDCling from HDClear.

Clear Promotions – Clean Windows

Once a promotion is over, if you’ve used window film that isn’t designed specifically for your needs, once you remove it, you can find residue, corners lifting, and bits getting stuck to your window. With HDCling that won’t happen! Imagine every year you run Black Friday deals – you want a big, bold window graphic to get people’s attention – and you only need it for a short time. With HDClear custom printed retail graphics HDCling, you can install a high quality printed promotional graphic yourself, and at the end you can remove it with no residue and complete ease, roll it up and store it for next year. It couldn’t be easier.

It’s entirely up to you what you print on your window graphics. They can be printed to any size and can be used by anyone in retail or services, offices, medical centers, or anywhere you run short term promotions or messages. Available in any color combination or printed pattern you choose, you can really make your marketing messages your own, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.

With HDClear, retail promotions are made simple.