Schools Out… time for a refurb?

Schools Out... time for a refurb?

Summer is here, for students it’s the time for relaxing, time with friends and enjoying life. For teachers, it’s planning for next year, and for education authorities and those responsible for the upkeep of colleges, universities and schools, it’s a time to clean, update and refurbish tired school buildings in preparation for the new year. After a long year, windows are one of those areas that can begin to really look tired and worn. It would be ideal if there was a way to keep windows in great condition for longer, combined with additional benefits for schools….. and with HDClear there is! Not only can HDClear help prevent accidental injury if a student walks into the glass it helps with climate control and can be customised with branding or educational information.

Customizable Window Safety with HDClear

If you are looking for a way to keep windows protected, HDClear is a great choice for any educational institute. Exceptionally durable, fully customizable and ideal for high traffic areas, custom printed window films can be used for interior and exterior glass. If there are glass panels within a school, using a window film can help prevent accidental run ins, and provide a shatterproof surface, for any unpredictable impacts. For exterior glass, HDClear offers an industry leading 10 year warranty and will ensure your surfaces remain looking clean and professional. There are the options of gradients, tints, frost or printed film where you can choose to customise the design to your own specifications. As an added bonus, our films will also help keep your building cool in hotter weather while protecting the health and skin of the students with UVA filters.

Overhaul the school, college or university windows this summer holiday with HDClear.