Privacy and Promotion For Businesses – A Tricky Combination!

By September 14, 2015HDCling

If you’re a salon owner, veterinarian, dentist or perhaps you run a beauty clinic, you will understand how important it is to offer your clients varying levels of privacy dependent upon your service. It is also important as a business that you are clearly promoting the service you are offering to passers-by – without new business, it is difficult to sustain an ongoing turnover. A conventional solid store front with mounted artwork or graphic panels prevents infringement of your client’s privacy and an obvious surface to promote your business – but think about it from the inside? A dark environment, without much natural light, and impossible to see who is on the outside looking in, makes for a pretty unpleasant place to work or be a customer!

So what is the solution for great windows without impacting on my business?

There is an alternative to mounted artwork! For owners of any business where a degree of privacy is essential to the clientele, yet light is desirable, there is a great solution.  In fact, there are options!
Ideally as a business hoping to attract more customers, promotion and branding are important considerations for the exterior of your retail or business front. It may be the case that on your windows you would really like to feature some imagery , for example, some cute looking pets for a veterinarian or modern designs for a salon, plus, of course, your contact details –  a welcoming message to potential customers. Decorative Window Film is your answer!

We have a few solutions which could work for you! HDClear3 offers one way visibility to decorate your windows without the need for a solid graphic panels.  The unique printing process means graphics appear bold and clear giving your business that professional look. Offering the privacy you need from graphics and color covering the front of the business, but giving you the option to customize your building exterior.

Alternatively, HDClear1 offers a hint of color for businesses wanting a softer appearance. The unique application process results in a light colored design while natural light can still flood through.
The range is expansive and each application will require a different approach with a custom design – a speciality of HDClear.

If you’re interested in finding out how our custom printed window films can offer you both a relaxing, quiet calm and private environment for your clients while promoting your business, talk to our sales team today who would only be too happy to discuss your requirements.