It’s Transparently Obvious That HDClear Window Film Makes Your Interior Glass Branding Work Harder For You.

By April 29, 2013Uncategorized

With the constant bombardment of social noise regarding the importance of your web presence, we meet clients all the time who are investing heavily in their online presence but paying little attention to their brick and mortar first impression…That is understandable, but a mistake. Studies show that people make a decision about a brand within a few seconds of observing them. Don’t go to all that trouble to make your web site compelling only to have your clients be disappointed with your professionalism when they reach your storefront or business offices.  In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of one of the most modern signage technologies available today: The AmGraph Group’s own HDClear solution.

The AmGraph Group’s offerings include indoor retail signage and outdoor light pole banners, as well as retail signage for major brands such as Sephora and Lorna Jane.  More and more our store front and point of purchase clients are asking for something original and modern for their logos and branding in today’s edgy glass office spaces, where your brand works for you 24/7.

HDClear is the perfect solution for several reasons. It is used primarily in custom solutions for decorative and architectural privacy films. Leveraging the latest advanced technology optically clear films and unique color and white ink high definition printing, this product is popular with architects, interior and retail design firms, window tinters and those in the building trades. Some brand names you might recognize include: HOK Architects and Pentagram Design. It is appealing because of the following advantages:

Avoid Issues with Direct Print:
HDClear gives the impression of direct to glass printing without the inherent cost and longer term problems of direct print. HDClear film is hard coated with a scratch resistant coating that makes it durable and cleanable. Easily applied and removed, the films are manufactured in a clean room type environment, fully tested and guaranteed for 10 years. These unique printing techniques have not been available for traditional glass graphics options such as vinyl or PVC. HDClear film is also easily changeable, so you can do a new theme, or advertise a new product on your walls as often as you desire.

See the Same Image on Either Side of the Glass:
Our state of the art technology also works by enabling the same image on one side of your glass doors or windows to appear identical on the other side. HDClear works with true optically clear polyester film (PET). We use a unique five color printing process with CMYK and White UV inks which can be applied in one to three layers. This allows your graphics to be clearly viewed on either side of the glass while natural light flows through. The effect is thoroughly cutting-edge and the technique far outlasts the more typical vinyl graphics applications..

Create a Textured, Almost 3D-like Effect: 
The HDClear process is such that we can add layers to the design to add texture, modernity and style to your design. For example, for beauty brand Sephora, The AmGraph Group used HDClear to make a lipsticked mouth almost pop off the window signage to dramatic and compelling effect.  These types of installations enhance your brand and your sales because if you invest well in innovative window signage, psychologically your customers feel a greater affinity to you, linger longer in-store, and ultimately buy more.

UV and Fire Protection:
HDClear blocks out 99 percent of the suns most harmful rays and has also been approved for a fire rating. Thus you can reduce cooling bills and protect your furnishings from fading.  In the unfortunate event of a fire, your staff and customers have more time to get to safety.

By now it should be really clear that HDClear is a great solution for the modern brand. If you are considering a sign or POP installation on glass, please consider the aesthetic, ease-of use, flexibility and safety benefits of HDClear. We’d be happy to work through design ideas with you that will help elevate your brand.  See a gallery of our best work here.