Window Solutions For Sports Halls

nuclear window films for school sports halls

Cheerleading, basketball, athletics even assemblies – sports halls at school, college or university see a great deal of activity. Even sports halls at public gyms or community centers will be used for a wide range of activities from classes through to dance groups. Whatever is taking place, it’s quite often high impact and can cause participants to work up a sweat taking part and getting fit. Keeping the students or members safe within the sports hall is a priority – you want to make sure if you have glass panels there are no accidental run in’s and if you have large windows, the last thing you want is sunlight beaming in with dangerous UV rays heating up the hall. That is where HDClear saves the day!

HDClear Versatile Custom Printed Window Graphics

The sports hall is the center of activity for educational institutes, communities and even holiday camps. Whether you are gathering for a briefing before a big game or just perfecting your moves, temperatures can rise and it can become uncomfortable if not correctly ventilated and protected. When it comes to thinking about windows, HDClear are the experts in ensuring you get the very best window solutions for comfort and safety. You may think window films are not suited to sports halls, but you would be wrong, they are ideal! If you have glass partitions through the sports hall, using HDClear custom printed window graphics with your school logo, images of your choice or your team missions, in white or color, can stop accidental run in and impact. HDClear films prevent the glass shattering in the case of a collision with a sports ball! A great additional benefit is that all HDClear films reduce UV ray penetration by 98%. Not only does this ensure that your hall remains a comfortable temperature without sunlight beaming in but it assures protection for skin and the health of the participants within the hall. What more could you need?

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