HDClear solar control window film for law offices

Law courts and meditation centers are an essential part of society. Trials have taken place before judges for centuries in one form or another, and in today’s community the courts deal with a range of matters from family issues to employment concerns, through to serious crimes. Obviously, some trials and hearings will take very little court time, but there are others that can take weeks, with day after day in the hearing.  For anyone involved there is paperwork to be read and prepared in offices behind the scenes and administration to make the process flow. For everyone in the building safety must be a high priority. There will be a range of criminals visiting the court and it’s essential to keep court employees protected. That’s where HDClear can help!

HDClear in court and law offices

There is no way to know who will be on trial in a court day to day so for anyone inside the court building, reliable protection must be in place. Although it’s rare to have low windows in Court there may be instances where they are found and bespoke custom printed window films from HDClear can black out the courtroom to the public view with one way vision films. For higher windows, there may still need to be a degree of privacy which could be added with a pattern such as HDFade or HDWhite. HDClear films are perfect where there is a risk of danger of break in or run ins, as should there be an impact, the film prevents glass shattering. Ideal for a court room where security and safety are paramount. An additional benefit of HDClear films, on top of industry leading warranty and durability, prevents 98% UV penetration. Not only does this keep court staff safe from these dangerous rays, but helps keep the room cool.

To find out how HDClear films can be used in your building, court or premises, call us today.