HDView for Training Rooms

HDView one way vision window film

One can see directly into the training room.  The window actually sits behind the trainers chair.  While the students focus is on the front of the room, anyone walking by can be distracting.

HDView custom printed one way vision window film

Vice versa – one can see the hallway outside…and anybody talking, standing and walking.

HDView custom decorative one way vision film

The black face of HDView is presented towards the hallway meaning you can look in easily (how many people do you see)

HDView privacy and branding for training rooms

The white face of HDView is presented towards the class room – and is difficult to see through the white face under normal conditions.

HDView one-way vision window films

The most difficult scenario as the glass is highlighted by the sun-filled lobby but one can see how well HDView minimize visibility.

HDView for Training Rooms

This room has two windows facing the front – double the distraction, yet with HDView the trainees can concentrate on their carreers.