What is HDClear decorative window film?

What is HDClear Film?

HDClear Film is composed of incredibly strong, optical-quality clear polyester, high-grade ultraviolet inhibitors, special laminating and mounting adhesives, and scratch-resistant coating. The product is retrofit to interior glass surfaces for glass breakage protection. When events such as natural disasters, vandalism or bomb blasts cause glass to break, the film’s flexible construction and pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive help hold the shards on the film. This reduces the potential for personal injury and property damage. Safety film is also referred to as anti-shatter film, glass fragment retention film and blast mitigation film.

How do the UV inks adhere to the HDClear film and form a scratch resistant coating?

Ultraviolet curing (commonly known as UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks. Offering many advantages over traditional drying methods, UV curing has been shown reduce reject rates, improve scratch and solvent resistance, and facilitate superior bonding.

How is the thickness of HDClear and window film measured?

MIL is the unit of length for 1/1000 of an inch (.001”). Used in expressing thickness of films. 1 MIL = 25 microns.

What adhesive do HDClear films use?

A film mounting adhesive called PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) that uses pressure to form a mechanical bond between the film and glass, adhering the film to the glass during installation. Pressure sensitive adhesive is tacky to the touch. All HDClear films incorporate PSA.