Understanding HDClear technical terms for Film Performance

Visible Light Transmitted (VLT)

Visible light transmitted is the ratio of visible solar energy (380 – 750nm) that passes through the glazing system to the total visible solar energy falling on the glazing system.

Visible Light Reflected (VLR)

Visible light rejected is the total percentage of visible light reflected by a glazing system that can be seen visually. HDClear performance results includes Interior and exterior VLR specifications on all films.

Ultraviolet Light Reflected (UVR)

Ultraviolet rejected is the ratio of ultraviolet solar energy (wavelength of 300 – 380nm) that is transmitted by a glazing system to the total solar ultraviolet energy falling on the glazing system. Note: UV energy is not visible to human eye and is mainly responsible for the degradation and fading of organic matter, upholstery, colors, etc.

Shading Coefficient (SC)

Shading coefficient is the ratio of the solar heat gain through a given glazing system to the solar heat gain under the same conditions for clear, unshaded double strength window glass. The lower the shading coefficient number, the better the sun control capability of the glazing system.

Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)

Total solar energy rejected is the percentage of incident solar energy rejected by a glazing system which is equal to solar reflectance plus the part of solar absorption which is re-radiated outward.

Glare Reduction (GR)

Glare reduction is the percentage of reduction in visible light transmission through a glazing system without film to that with film.

Peel Strength

This measures the force required to separate the glass from the film. The higher the peel strength the more force required to separate the film from the glass. Measured by doing an adhesion pull test (ANSI 297.1) in grams per inch (gr/in) or grams per centimeter (gr/cm).

ASTM D4830

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D4830 – Standard Test Methons for characterizing thermoplastic fabrics used in window film.