Replacing the Release Liner for the perfect install

Installation companies often require their install teams to Double Squeegee a panel as standard practice.  This ensures that most water is removed and the fastest cure time can occur.  Since graphics are primarily on windows which do not face the sun, the Double Squeegee technique is even more critical.

Double Squeegeeing printed film becomes a little difficult because the ink is less smooth.  This resistance slows down the installer.

Many installers have been asking how to install in a more consistent manner with the typical powerful strokes one uses on safety film.

Our first and strongest recommendation is to replace the liner over the film as indicated in the video.  Such a technique allows the for the best transition of overlapping strokes over the film.  The liner provides the least friction possible between printed and non-printed areas. Believe it or not but this can be useful with plotted and masked installs as well.

The alternative is to carry an additional spray bottle with a little extra soap.  The extra ‘slip’ allows the tinter’s tools to move from non-printed areas over printed areas easily.

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Thanks to Rick Simon from Ideal Glass Tint for sharing this video with us.