Free-standing Samples are an easy way to supplement the HDClear Sample Book

The sales process usually only requires the client to see similar work and to hold similar work prior to approving and paying for project specific samples. If the client is managed well, many graphics projects can be closed using only house samples and pdf’s of completed projects.

Once a projects is closed then the client may decide to move forward with proof of concept or with start directly with the main scope


Standard Stock Cut sheets

We have stock images on 8” x 10” cut sheets. These images are general purpose and designed as eye candy. Most people look at them and can’t believe how well the print appears on glass clear film.

We even have free standing sample pages from our book to make it easier for the sales person. Nobody likes leaving book behind, especially if its only one or two pages the client is interested in.

HDClear Translucency Grids for HDWhite and HDFrost projects

Our translucency grids are another hot option for clients with a strong design idea. These grids show off white, grey and colors in graduations of opacity. Starting with a very light translucent and then stair stepping every five degrees, the grid sheet can be used in any type of lighting.

This is important to understand as lighting levels change some colors at certain translucencies look better. White Scale and Brighter colors are more commonly used in darker rooms or areas with little natural light. Whereas, Greyscale and cooler colors are used in rooms and locations which see a lot of sun and high levels of ambient light. The grids help educate clients for the translucency level which works best in their space.

Please note – HDFrost and HDFade can be any color!


Oversized HDFade Strips

Many projects are utilizing Fades and this makes people nervous. Don’t be. This saves time and money. The clients see the stock fades and then decide which type works for them. The next three points the client can share are what color they would like, what transition of translucencies work best and how much clear do they want. We can put the solid area anywhere and have the fade transition any direction…even at an angle!

HDFade stock items are:

  • These transition smoothly from clear at the bottom -50% opacity in the middle – then are clear at the top:
  • HDFade Hard – Dot graduation
    • White Scale
    • Greyscale
  • HDFade Fine – Like smoke or mist
    • White Scale
    • Greyscale
  • Colored smoke
    • Same technique as the fine fade and with thousands of colors available.