General Graphics

Installation – HDClear has a national network of fully vetted installation companies carrying industry standard licensees and insurances. These companies have a high standard of integrity and proven ability to install difficult projects.

Removal – The professional scraping and peeling of old film. Install companies will make all reasonable efforts to avoid, but cannot be held liable for, glass breakage during removal process.

Removal Difficulty – Price based upon normal difficulty of 20 minutes per panel (removal and retint). Should removal prove more difficult additional charges may apply.

R&R – removal and reinstall. Removal of old laminated product to return glass to as clean a surface as possible. Pressure is applied during the process and install companies will make all reasonable effort to avoid, but liable for, glass breakage or seal failure.

Edge Sealing – Typically unnecessary but occasionally a product’s edge needs to be protected if weathering or pooling water is severe. Thin bead of black silicone helps resist the effects of weathering. Thin bead also helps hide paper-thin light gaps on darker solar film installation

Additional layer – ‘stacking’ films occurs and is generally not recommended. Installing one film on top of an existing film neither increases nor decreases the life span of the original film.

Clearance – Graphic installers need to reasonably reach the entire surface of each glass panel. This means a minimum three feet of clearance for all ground level panels and 6 feet for panels requiring a ladder, to include furniture, equipment and heirlooms. While installers may help, the client is responsible for clearing items from the window frames like heirlooms and office equipment. Drop clothes are used to help protect surrounding areas for non-movable items which can bear the weight of installer.

Cleanliness – Glass graphics is finishing work. Usually completed after carpet has been installed and site has been professionally cleaned. While they may seem so, tinting tools are not designed for window cleaning of raw construction sites. The same cleanliness applies to wall graphics. The cleaner the site – the better the installation.