Is Coloring the Workplace Really Worth It?

Effectively decorating the workplace with colors that encourage creativity, productivity and positive morale has been the subject of recent research, but the concept of influencing attitudes and work habits by creating the most conducive environments is not a new one. As researchers more clearly identify how certain colors provoke predictable psychological and physiological responses, interior color design has become important to the corporate boardroom and the production manufacturing workroom. The appropriate use of color can not only maximize productivity levels and minimize fatigue, but it can also stimulate collaboration, creativity and cooperation.

Visual ergonomics, the science of developing a color scheme that is most suited for the task at hand in the office, employee lounge or factory workroom, is based on matching color responses to expected behaviors and attitudes in any given environment. Read more here

The psychology of Colour in the work place: Read more here

How the Color of Your Office Impacts Productivity

coloring the workplace infographic