Short Term Removable Glass Graphics

HDWall: Transform interior wall surfaces with custom printed wall wraps

The industry standard durability for laminated wall wrap films is 2 years exterior and 5 years for interior. This standard is due to the heavy usage of these films in retail environments. Architectural and design projects could see more than twice the lifespan with HDWall films. These types of projects tend to be in public areas were a certain distance is kept. Better put, corporate, medical and collegiate spaces tend to see less direct contact of surfaces than retailers. Hence the graphics projects in these areas tend to see higher durability rates.

HDWall: Print applications

  • Wall, Floor, Barricade, Colonnades, Elevators, ATMs, Glass Graphics, Backlit Displays, Bus Stops
  • Bulkhead Graphics
  • Way finding Graphics
  • Wall art
  • Plotted vinyl’s
  • Acrylics with brushed aluminum standoffs
  • Acrylic friendly vinyl’s (printed and/or plotted)

Quite a few General Contractors and Retailers use HDClear and HDWall to bring together all the printing needs for a space. The cost-savings alone are amazing.

From barricades, to C-Level offices and the elevators in-between, any surface can have film or print applied by a single source supplier. Key elements of print related graphics is the impact on sustainability, LEED points and ROI. Sustainable installations reduce the overall impact of TI work, LEED points are generated when a renovated space is not demolished, but rather, resurfaced. ROI and future values of a graphics projects are easier to adjust, modify or update, meaning money spent is spent more effectively.

Benefits of HDWall:

  • Graphic environments are completed with a single source supplier from glass (HDClear) to walls (HDWall) to the acrylic shapes and prints floating from sealing or mounted to the walls.
  • 3 Dimensional textures and colors
  • Easily installed and mounted
  • Easily replaced as marketing and branding evolves.
  • The ability to use custom images, patterns or gradients give your glass a distinctive flair
  • Visual impact is tremendous, environmental impact is minimal


  • 5-year warranty for interior applications
  • 2-year warranty for exterior applications

Green Benefits

  • LEED points are available under the Material and Resource Category with Credit 1.1, 1.2, 3 and Indoor Environmental Quality 4.2
  • Interior and exterior surfaces are stronger and last longer with HDWall installations. Our films add a layer of ‘skin’ which helps increase durability, reduce heat transfer and promotes a high level ‘joie de vivre’.