Custom Printed Translucent Window Film

HDClear 4: Visually opaque images – front-side readable / back-side mirrored. Two way custom printed decorative window films

Similar to HDClear 3, the significant difference with HDClear 4 is that the back-side is printed to mirror the front side. This type of custom decorative window film printing is usually seen to separate public areas from private ones.

Normally light levels are greater on the public side. Printing the image, printing a layer of white and then reprinting the image exactly the same is the classic approach for HDClear 4 projects. Light passing through the image on the front lines up with the image on the back. It also means that one side of the print is ‘readable’ and the other side is mirrored so lettering appears backwards.

To illustrate this idea – black lettering is mounted on the #1 surface and a layer of frost is mounted on the #2 surface. From the inside, one can see the shadow of the #1 surface letters. But if the client wants readability on the #2 surface as well then installing letters on the inside is difficult. The shadow of the first set of letters would mingle with the second set of letters.

The only way to avoid this phenomenon is opaque the area of letters so readability on the #1 surface and # 2 surface is possible.  HDClear 4 – modifed printing process opaques a portion of the image to help duplicate readability on the second surface. HDClear modified only works if certain ambient light conditions exist and additional art fees apply. For all practical purposes it is best to assume #1 surface readability and # 2 surface mirrored images.

This is a slower process and uses many layers of ink that add to the cost. The additional ink blocks the shadow left from the first image. We would recommend speaking with our sales reps before you begin offering the modified HDClear 4 to a project. This requires art to be reviewed before the modification can be approved. Some imagery will cause shadows with any print process because of unequal light sources. Again, please consult your rep with any questions.

Benefits of HDClear 4

  • Custom printed color (CMYK) and white ink translucent decorative window film
  • Any design with unlimited translucency and opacity
  • 100% optical clarity in the un-printed areas
  • Intrusion and burglary resistant 4Mil Clear Safety – 7-Mil is available for an additional cost
  • Available in widths of up to 70.5”, very few projects require seaming
  • Film is hard coated with a scratch resistant coating that makes it highly durable and cleanable
  • Smooth surface that does not catch debris nor leaves edges that can easily lift.
  • The ability to use custom images, patterns or gradients give your glass a distinctive flair
  • Perfect for architectural or interior glass


  • 10-year warranty for flat glass applications (conditions apply)
  • Outlast and out performs traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass

Green Benefits

  • 99% UV reduction
  • 16% total solar reduction
  • Keeps your building cooler and more comfortable
  • Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly polymer is easily recycled
  • Slows fading of furniture and carpeting