Transform exterior glass and wall surfaces

HDExterior: Transform exterior glass and wall surfaces

When graphic design projects step outside, the exterior film options can lead to a confusing array choices. We have narrowed it down to the three most practical substrates:

HDExterior has three types of film to choose from with flexibility to meet any project need. An interior application is always recommended as the 10-year warranty and safety applications are great benefits for a project. Yet, there are times when the glass can’t be reached on the inside, or the activity is so great that an interior film would easily be damaged; in these cases the exterior options should be fully explored.

HDExterior is durable and meant to withstand the New York blizzard and a Los Angeles heat wave. Exploring the three options of Anti-Graffiti, Wall Wrap and Perforated films meets provides a complete solution to external window displays.

All our clients should refer to their own property lease agreements, city, & state ordinances, as the level of advertising permitted can vary. Some properties can have as much advertising as desired some can only has a percentage of their glass covered with retail. HDExterior will provide the requested art but it strongly recommended the client reviews their lease agreements and compliance before considering exterior films.

In some rare cases, advertising on the inside of the glass facing out is allowed whereas the same advertising on the exterior surface would be denied. Carefully scrutinize any written restrictions and look for the loop holes. When it comes to your business and advertising, follow the letter of the law. HDXPerf is a great example of legally maximizing your retail signage.

HDExterior-Anti-Graffiti (HDXAG) – Any of our print processes applied to our 4-Mil Anti-Graffiti film. The adhesive factors make this film easy to remove years after installation. The film is designed to fight back the sun and elements while simultaneously providing branding and marketing graphics. This film comes in 72”, which helps with those projects where seams need to be avoided and standard wraps are too small.

HDExterior-Wall (HDXWALL) – Exactly like HDWall with the same performance and print capabilities. A common application for retail glass which opaque graphics are needed to block vision through the glass. Easy to install and easy to remove, it has proven to be one of the most effective products. The limiting factor of 58” print means oversized glass can occasionally have seams. In this case HDXAG would be a better alternative.

HDExterior-Perf (HDXPerf) – The film begins as a 60/40 product. Meaning 40% of the glass is clear. The perforated holes can amount to 40% clear glass. The Base film’s color does not count as advertising, only the inked areas where marketing and branding takes place counts as signage. Call your rep to determine how much art you can legally install on and with perforated film.


Critical Definitions

Durability – Industry standard language as the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the base material but locations, conditions, and weathering generates many variables that can accelerate breakdown of any vinyl product. Please remember the film is just that, a film, and while exterior films can last between 5 and 10 years, aggressive cleaning and extreme weather will take a toll on the films. This why the HDClear and interior films, with their 10-year warranty, are highly recommended.

One-Way Visibility – Is only possible when there is 10x greater light on one side of the glass. During the day the sun provides the greater light source. At night, interior lighting is stronger and while it is difficult to see through HDPerf, it can be done. For night-time privacy, HDPerf works best when there are strong streetlights nearby or the night-time ambient light is great.

MYTH BUSTED – There is no film on the market that will allow you to see out day or night and no one see in. But, we do know the methods used to help simulate this effect. A single piece of plastic (or glass) cannot purely direct vision one-way during the day and night hours of operation. Once this film is invented, it will be a trillion dollar industry overnight!

HDClear Substrates and Labels

Anti-Graffiti – HDXAG

  • 70.5” printing on 72” material
  • Most Common print process in order of popularity and installation is HDView, HDClear 3 and HDClear 4 print
  • Easy release adhesive to minimize labor when swapping out graphics
  • Designed from the ground up to resist sun and elements
  • Optically Clear with 99% UV protection and 16% total solar reduction
  • 2-5 year durability

Wall-wrap – HDXWALL

  • 58.5” printing on 60” material
  • Satin Overlam with UV inhibitors to help fight the strongest light
  • 2-5 Year durability

Perforated – HDXPerf

  • 58.5” printing on 60” material
  • Industry standard, printable perforated 40/60
  • Optional Lamination with Satin Overlam to help improve longevity
  • 1-Year durability