Custom Printed Translucent Windows Film

HDClear 2: Custom Printed Translucent Window Film

The ‘wow’ factor can be achieved by having our team process art files to allow for greater vibrancy. Our confidential anti-wash, digital modification sharpens the image by paying attention to the lighter areas. These areas are prone to “washing out” under bright light.  By augmenting the image, translucency levels are maintained and the image is sharpened.

Prior to HDClear custom printed translucent window films, the industry standard was to increase opacity to increase visibility of image. One look at our colored smoke and the end-user will see how energetic the colors are and you can still see through the image.

A slightly higher cost point is evident with this type of printing because the research and development takes place with multiple tweaks and sample runs. Within a few cycles of collaboration between our art team and production, an art-file is finalized, the anti-wash value dialled in, and the graphic printed with perfect output.

It is sometimes difficult for vendors to understand why the art file they provided are not high enough resolution and why the HDClear art department needs to modify the files in-house. The simplest explanation is comparing an end-user art file to an all-factory made automobile. The car is nice… but you want more performance. In 99% of the cases, the car is taken to a specialized mechanic who knows all the tricks and tools to turn your ride into a fine performance vehicle. The mechanic is trusted with delivering a great end product, understandably, with a cost point to match the labor and equipment used.

HDClear specializes in supercharging imagery and HDClear 2 offers the most unique custom decorative film printing in the world.

We can take any two colors and have them drift across any length of glass.

We modify images, photographs and icons. A digital photograph can be reprinted in white, sepia or any CMYK tone to create an HDClear project that matches the environment and is highly visible. Our anti-wash technology keeps even the lighter elements of a design sharp and focused.

What makes HDClear different

HDClear works with true optically clear polyester film (PET). We use a unique printing process with CMYK and white inks for HDClear 2 which can be applied in layers, allowing graphics to be viewed from both sides of the glazing, yet still letting natural light flood through. The optically clear polyester film outlasts all traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass areas.

Critical Definitions

Transparent – Having the property of transmitting rays of light, for persons/objects on the opposite side, to be “distinctly seen”: Rose-colored glass is transparent.  Please note, the base of HDClear is clear and to simulate transparency we add fine spots of color, which will reduce optical clarity in the printed areas.

Translucent – Permitting light to pass through with enough dispersion, for persons/objects on the opposite side, to not be clearly visible: Frosted window glass is translucent.

Benefits of HDClear 2

  • Custom printed color (CMYK) and white ink translucent decorative window film
  • Any design with unlimited translucency and opacity
  • 100% optical clarity in the un-printed areas
  • Intrusion and burglary resistant 4Mil Clear Safety – 7-Mil is available for an additional cost
  • Available in widths of up to 70.5”, few projects require seaming
  • Film is hard coated with a scratch resistant coating that makes it highly durable and cleanable
  • Smooth surface does not catch debris nor leave edges that can easily lift.
  • The ability to use custom images, patterns or gradients give your glass a distinctive flair
  • Perfect for architectural or interior glass



  • 10-year warranty for flat glass applications (conditions apply)
  • Outlast and out performs traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass

Green Benefits

  • 99% UV reduction
  • 16% total solar reduction
  • Keeps your building cooler and more comfortable
  • Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly polymer that is easily recycled
  • Slows fading of furniture and carpeting