Glass Protection Films

HDBarrier: Glass Protection Films

We offer specialized project management for Construction, Tenant Improvement (TI) and Project Improvement. Glass and smooth surfaces suffer a wide variety of issues across the country. Many of our clients find our services to be an excellent fit which helps them meet branding, safety, surface protective and energy reducing concerns.

Glass is an excellent substrate for optical clarity but it tends to allow excellent penetration from sun, weather and criminals.

Our commitment to green, LEED and sustainability measures is firmly recognized as we strive to help retail/national accounts manage property needs across the county. From safety and anti-graffiti, to solar and tenant improvement, HDClear products like HDBarrier fulfil our promise for a ‘greener’ planet. We utilize recycled products, our installations reduce landfill waste and our films help reduce energy usage during peak demand. Yep, we do a pretty good job of helping property managers and national accounts to reduce their footprint.

HDBarrier: Construction, Tenant Improvement (TI) and Project Protection

Each of the films below offers benefits that address most issues with glass and smooth surfaces. Often times the extra care taken in protecting the jobsite more than offsets the cost of material and installation. ‘Measure Twice Cut Once’, ‘Safety First’, ‘Keep Work Areas Clean’ – these films are the moral equivalent of common sense construction site practices.

Protecting the areas not being worked keeps headaches from happening before, during, and after construction. Clients see areas protected and know the General Contractor they hired takes special care. Such goodwill is invaluable during construction.

HDBarrier WT – White Translucent Surface Protection

  • A flexible film which helps protect surfaces from scratching, gouging, dust, debris, dry-wall mud, shipping etc.
  • Can be removed easily and the protected surface is left residue free.
  • Provides day and night time privacy when used on glass. Most typical application is for ground level glass and blocking pedestrian view of a new build or tenant improvement jobsite.
  • White translucent features allow deep light penetration of natural ambient lighting (similar to the white coating of a florescent light bulb).
  • Can be installed on
    • Glass
    • Acrylic
    • Stone
    • Metal
    • Any flat smooth surface which protection and or privacy is the most desired
  • Comes in 60” 54” and 30” for a wide variety of applications
  • Can be installed using wet or dry methods
  • While film installation companies are advised this film can be installed and removed by non-professionals.

HDBarrier SB – Soft Black Surface Protection

  • Same characteristics and applications of HDBarrier WT except with a matte black finish
  • As with HDBarrier BO, be aware of thermal load on glass
  • Currently available in 48” measurements
  • Can be installed using wet or dry methods
  • While film installation companies are advised this film can be installed and removed by non-professionals.

HDBarrier FG – Foggy Clear Surface Protection

  • Same characteristic and applications HDBarrier WT except this has a lighter tack and any residue can be washed away with water and squeegee.
  • Dry installation only
  • While film installation companies are advised this film can be installed and removed by non-professionals.

HDBarrier WO or BO – White-Out or Black-Out films

  • Designed for glass and smooth surfaces.
  • Visually opaque films which block visibility and limit light penetration
  • White Out – is visually opaque but inside surface will glow. Not recommended for darkening interior spaces.
  • Black Out has three important features
    • This film absorbs heat and is not advised to interior surfaces of glass if exposed to direct sunlight/and or uneven shading.
    • This film blocks roughly 98% of the light. For true black out purposes please contact The AmGraph Group directly as there are many options available depending on client needs.
    • Thin light gap will be noticeable. Recommended solution is to use Black Silicone bead around film edges should be discussed before installation
  • Comes in 60” x 48” Widths
  • Professional installation highly recommended
  • Professional removal is highly recommended as window film installation tools and procedures can do so with least damage and residues to underlying surfaces.

HDBarrier is the final product to stand against the weather, vandalism or sun exposure. As an element of HDClear and the Amgraph Group, HDBarrier makes it easier. No one film meets all the needs… but one vendor can provide the films to meet any need.

Benefits of HDBarrier:

  •  More professional looking than taped up butcher paper
  • Allows daylight penetration while providing privacy
  • Protect any glass, metal, stone surfaces during TI work
  • Professional install recommended for clean, smooth appearance
  • Low tack allows for safe removal days, weeks or months later
  • Helps protect against, scratches, gouges, impacts, drag marks, day-to-day construction debris
  • Perfect for those street level work zones and removing pedestrian curiosity
  • Can be printed on with “Coming Soon” language, retail Graphics, or General Contractor builder info and graphics.