Custom Printed Glass Interlayer Films

HDLam: custom decorative solutions for glass manufacturers and glaziers

HDLam is a bridging product for glass manufacturers and glaziers to realize the benefits of custom color and white graphics within laminated glass. HDLam is high-end, 6-Mil safety film that exceeds federal guidelines for lamination and is an optically clear film with no adhesive. It is designed as an interlayer to lie between glass panels during the lamination process. This was strictly designed for longevity, strength, and vibrancy. Special consideration was made for its structure and ceramic-like print qualities.

Many glaziers question the longevity of the product. Before HDLam this would have been a valid concern due to weaknesses of hazy films and inks that can fade or disintegrate during the glass lamination process.

These concerns were valid before HDLam, much like float glass before tempered glass. The technology has upgraded, and so have the strengths. Tempered glass set the standard and meets many needs, as does HDLam.

HDLam can be laminated between 2 layers of glass using EVA, PVB or cold pour lamination processes. Similar to ceramic printing the UV process allows infinitely more colors and patterns. The colors are inherently the colors they started as. Similar to anodized aluminum used in glass walls, years later the metal will still look like anodized aluminium, and this is true with HDLam.

The optically clear film is built with UV inhibitors and once thermo-sealed between glass panels (or alternate interlayer process), it is no longer exposed to the elements. This lamination exponentially increases the life span of HDLam and will see the print exceed the warranty limitations of the glass itself.

HDLam is a stronger system and offers infinitely more graphic opportunities than screen-printing. The cost is significantly less, since the glass is handled less and the product can slide right on to the prepped surface. This also eases worries with Quality Control as a damaged print can be replaced easily, quickly, and economically.

HDLam can be computer cut to the exact size requested for each and every panel. No minimum order – If you need to replace a single piece, such can be done with ease. Why double or triple-handle glass to be printed when the film can be set in place as the glass enters the laminator? We can provide the film in any sequence to smoothly deliver film within a laminator’s production schedule.

Architectural specifications are becoming more varied and HDLam allows you to meet the needs of a project every time.

Benefits of HDLAM

  • Custom printed color (CMYK) and white ink decorative interlayer window film
  • 100% optical clarity in the un-printed areas
  • Intrusion and burglary resistant 4Mil Clear Safety – 7-Mil is available for an additional cost
  • Available in widths of up to 60”
  • The ability to use custom images, patterns or gradients give your glass a distinctive flair
  • Perfect for architectural or interior glass



  • 10-year warranty for flat glass applications (conditions apply)
  • Outlasts and out performs traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass

Green Benefits

  • 99% UV reduction
  • 16% total solar reduction
  • Keeps your building cooler and more comfortable
  • Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly polymer is easily recycled
  • Slows fading of furniture and carpeting