Visually Opaque Decorative Window Film with 1-Way Visibility

HDClear 3: Visually Opaque 1-Way Visibility

Easiest explanation is the image is faced one way and the back is a solid color – usually white. HDClear 3 lets you put the film on the inside and face the image outside. To clarify, any image faces out, greater than 10 year lifespan and you can meet any desired marketing or design element.  Finally the film is encased and protected from damaging elements, vandals and intense cleaning practices.

Four major reasons for this type of printing:

  • Electronic back-lit displays
  • Duplicating spandrel
  • Duplicating spandrel with frit patterns
  • Obscuring areas where the backside of the glass does not need a printed image

Lighting up an image from behind has become a popular way to display designer and retail branding. HDClear 3 allows for the front surface of the glass or acrylic to remain clear. The printed white layer can be increased or decreased to either darken or lighten the image. Printing on light diffuser means one level of translucency, where-as printing with HDClear 3 means any level of translucency can be backlit.

HDClear 3 visually opaque one-way readability decorative films are easily swapped to meet new designs or advertising. Our current practice is to print on acrylic or glass. Transporting, mounting and marrying art is more difficult and costly with direct-printed, bulky substrates. HDClear 3 allows installers to combine the art in the field perfectly and avoid the issue of shop built art that does not align properly. It is a much easier and less expensive to reprint film and reinstall.

Spandrel and Spandrel with Frit is another manner HDClear 3 meets market needs. Any spot color, any frit pattern in any opacity is a good option to present glass companies. HDCLear3 is much less expensive than manufactured spandrel, can be ordered to size, and can be duplicated indefinitely.

To date, the only option for hiding areas behind the glass was to use an opaque vinyl (black-out, white-out, frost etc.) or exterior mounted wall wrap. Opaque films are nice but they turn the glass into a wall that offers zero advertising or designer possibilities. Wall wrap on glass is nice, too; only it is exposed and can be directly affected by the elements, vandalism, or cleaning crews. Mechanical spaces, false walls, storage rooms are all areas where HDClear 3 can provide the desired privacy and meet designer elements.

What makes HDClear different?

HDClear works with true optically clear polyester film (PET). We use a unique printing process with CMYK and white inks for HDClear 3 that can be applied in layers, allowing graphics to be viewed from one side of the glazing yet allowing the other side to act as a lightbox. The optically clear polyester film outlasts all traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass areas.

Benefits of HDClear 3:

  • Custom printed color (CMYK) and white ink translucent decorative window film
  • Any design with unlimited translucency and opacity
  • 100% optical clarity in the un-printed areas
  • Intrusion and burglary resistant 4Mil Clear Safety – 7-Mil is available for an additional cost
  • Available in widths of up to 70.5”, few projects require seaming
  • Film is hard coated with a scratch resistant coating that makes it highly durable and cleanable
  • Smooth surface that does not catch debris nor leaves edges that can easily lift.
  • The ability to use custom images, patterns or gradients give your glass a distinctive flair
  • Perfect for architectural or interior glass


  • 10-year warranty for flat glass applications (conditions apply)
  • Outlast and out performs traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass

Green Benefits

  • 99% UV reduction
  • 16% total solar reduction
  • Keeps your building cooler and more comfortable
  • Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly polymer that is easily recycled
  • Slows fading of furniture and carpeting