Custom Printed Decorative Fades For Any Glass Size

HDClear’s superior approach to custom printed fades

HDClear provides any fade, any graduation, any pattern, any color, any translucency and any shape of glass panels for the complete design. HDClear decorative window film promotes graphic environments with full coverage of glass. 72” film coverage means that designs are seam free and can grow past a single thin band of film.

Send existing manufactured films to the history books with single color and densities. Bypass the old standard of 48” restrictions. Break free from small redundant patterns that limit placement and leave edges of film exposed in the middle of the glass.

Benefits of HDClear custom decorative window film fades over manufactured fade films:

  • HDClear custom printed fades can travel in any direction. Manufactured films only travel in one. In any given space there is a wall, floor or area the client may wish to hide. Placing the most opaque portion of the design to cover these areas will maintain the open feel of the glass as the opaque area transitions to clear (or lighter translucency). Designers can now dictate the direction their desired fade will travel.
  • Clear areas of glass remain optically clear with our advanced glass clear polyester film (PET)
  • Vertical – most common as many designers are familiar with greater opacity at lower levels and increased visibility higher on the glass
  • Horizontal – Great for hiding equipment on the side of a room and leaving the area closest to the door visible.
  • Diagonal – playful and usually aligns with a decorative element along the walls or interior design.
  • HDClear Decorative Window Film Fades can duplicate any spot color or translucency; manufactured films only offer one.
  • HDClear Fades can be printed in extra wide film widths of 72” allowing for seem free graphics
  • All HDClear custom printed decorative films are backed by the industry’s first 10-year warranty
  • Ultimate flexibility means any design can be modified to meet the needs of the project.

Architects and Designers often ask, “Can we do it?”

HDClear’s response, “We can do anything.” As opposed to the manufactured films response “Please make sure your project complies with our product’s limitations.” Since when should a decorative window design be limited?


Hard fade custom printed decorative window film is a traditional dot matrix style. Typically the dots still allow eye-to-eye contact through the empty space of the design.



Fine fade custom decorative window film is like smoke or mist, this is the best approach to privacy minded projects. An opaque area transitions smoothly leaving the eye with very little to focus on.