Short Term Removable Glass Graphics

HDCling: short term removable glass graphics

HDCling can be printed with color (CMYK) and white inks and makes it an ideal alternative for static cling graphics. Perfect for seasonal, promotional and regional marketing efforts where re-using graphics is more economical. Easily installed with water and a shower squeegee, this product can lay perfectly on the glass. After the promotion has passed it can be rolled back up and set on the back shelf.

Conference rooms can post HDCling on the outside of their glass, using each cling as a financial form, check-off sheet or corporate document. During meetings, the clings could be applied on the opposite side and the inside can be written on. Words, grids, prompts and empty writing space can be used to address goals and project outlines for teams.

Keep your conference rooms looking sharp! Many companies use overhead projectors, mounted white boards, or overhead projectors; limiting displays to one person’s input or PowerPoint slides. White boards take up wall space and over time can begin to look untidy. Using HDCling on the reverse of glass with a non-permanent (wipe-clean) board marker looks sharp enough for board members, C-level officers and perfect for staff training days.

Training departments, colleges and education rooms can use their glass surfaces effectively. HDCling will also last for many years with careful squeegeeing and storage.

HDCling can be provided in any style of print. For retail purposes, the film can be squeegeed on, left up for a few weeks, taken down, stored or shipped to the next location.

Churches could have decals and religious messages printed for ceremonies. Any congregation enjoys stained glass windows, and images of religious significance, but years with the same image can affect the ‘message’. HDCling lets you freshen up large pieces of glass continuously.

HDCling also makes a perfect complement to home decorating needs. Any image can be printed and many residential properties are using custom made seasonal graphics on their storm doors and patio openings.

Residential Designers greatly enjoy providing themes for windows in a home that ties in nicely to home décor and to celebrate any given holiday.

Corporate events, seasonal play offs, yearly activities. HDCling is so clear, and will stay so that the return on investment is light years ahead of any other static cling vinyls.

Benefits of HDCling

  • Super strong, optically clear 6-Mil film.
  • Rolled properly while stored, the film will cup the glass when squeegeed on.
  • Simulated White board applications are endless
  • Easily installed with alcohol water and a shower squeegee
  • Available in 60” widths and can be custom cut to any shape


Green Benefits

  • 99% UV reduction
  • 16% total solar reduction
  • Keeps your building cooler and more comfortable
  • Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly polymer is easily recycled
  • Slows fading of furniture and carpeting