Custom Printed One Way Vision Decorative Window Films

HDView: custom high definition color and white printed one-way vision window films

HDView is the next generation of custom printed one-way decorative window film, using some very clever visual technology delivered using HDView overlap registration. Maximum visual impact and privacy is created from the outside, and from the inside a perfectly clear view to the outside.

The purpose of HDView is to provide simulated one-way visibility while simultaneously providing imagery to meet current branding initiatives. To be clear, HDView does a great job of promoting one-way visibility between two rooms of equal light sources.

HDView sets the new standard for one-way visiblity:

  • Full coverage on any side of the glass
  • 48” 60” & 72”
  • Federally rated safety film
  • 10-year interior warranty (conditions apply)
  • Single smooth surface with high definition printing

The old standard for one-way printing:

  • Strictly for #1 surface exterior installations
  • 46”- 58” film
  • Limited 2 year durability
  • Perforated with tiny holes which catch debris
  • Prone to installation issues because of perforated holes, which makes the material inherently weaker

Most clients realize HDView is better-spent money. Having a higher quality film with high definition inks on the inside do the same job for 10 years and increases the future value and captures a greater ROI for marketing budgets than two year products.

Two types of HDView – the choice is yours

Two types of HDView are available and to-date only the striated has been sold. HDView – Striated prints in lines similar to venetian blinds. Because the image is printed in more solid pieces the final print is sharper and more defined.

HDView – Pixelated follows the same pattern as standard perforated films. The images are fuzzier because a pattern of clear holes breaks up the image congruity.

An exciting alternative is the blend of HDClear 3 and HDView. The top and bottom of an image are solid but an area in the middle at eye level is left Striated. This allows for the greatest one-way visibility and stronger image control. Another advantage is it hides the lower and upper portions of a glass panel. Drop ceiling and bric-a-brac lying on the floor of a space are hidden when peering through the HDView portions. In some cases this is an excellent way of providing shading where higher glass pushes too much sun into a space.

Critical Definitions

One-Way Visability – is only possible when there is a 10x greater light source on one side of the glass. During the day the sun provides the greater light source. At night, interior lighting is stronger and while it is difficult to see through HDView it can be done. For night-time privacy, HDView works best when there are strong streetlights nearby or the night time ambient light is great.

Myth Busted – There is no window film on the market that will allow you to see out day or night and no one see in. But, we know the methods to help simulate this effect. A single piece of plastic (or glass) cannot purely direct vision one-way during the day and night hours of operation.

Benefits of HDView

  • HDView overlap registration for the ultimate one-way vision images and graphics
  • 100% optical clarity in the un-printed areas n UV stable PET substrate offers benefits over the traditional perforated vinyl one-way vision solutions
  • Available in widths of up to 70.5”, very few projects require seaming
  • Film is hard coated with a scratch resistant coating that makes it highly durable and cleanable
  • Smooth surface which does not catch debris not leaves edges which can lift
  • The ability to use custom images, patterns or gradients give your glass a distinctive flair
  • Perfect for architectural or interior glass


  • 10-year warranty for flat glass applications (conditions apply)
  • Outlasts and out performs traditional vinyl graphic applications to flat glass

Green Benefits

  • 99% UV reduction
  • 16% total solar reduction
  • Keeps your building cooler and more comfortable
  • Safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly polymer is easily recycled
  • Slows fading of furniture and carpeting